Who is the Employer: the Frachisor or the Franchisee?

In Canada right now, there are over 76,000 franchises from about 1200 companies. Approximately 45% of all retail sales are generated by a franchised business. (Source: http://www.frnachise101.net) A franchise, according to Franchise Direct Canada) is where a business owner (franchisor) grants to investors (franchisee) the right to operate a business in the manner and styleContinue reading “Who is the Employer: the Frachisor or the Franchisee?”

The worst I have ever seen

I applied for a new job a few months ago. This was what I considered my dream job. I prepared for it like never before in my life. I researched the organization. I looked at their social media. I talked to someone who used to work there to get insights on the company and theContinue reading “The worst I have ever seen”