Who is the Employer: the Frachisor or the Franchisee?

In Canada right now, there are over 76,000 franchises from about 1200 companies. Approximately 45% of all retail sales are generated by a franchised business. (Source: http://www.frnachise101.net) A franchise, according to Franchise Direct Canada) is where a business owner (franchisor) grants to investors (franchisee) the right to operate a business in the manner and styleContinue reading “Who is the Employer: the Frachisor or the Franchisee?”

How Small Busniesses can Meet Due DIligence

In 2018, an article was published by OSG, which was written by associates of LeClair and Associates PC. In it, the law firm provided an overview of a case where a small business successfully fought a due diligence charge following a workplace fatality.  The article does not identify how small the business was but thatContinue reading “How Small Busniesses can Meet Due DIligence”